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3-4 billion of the global populations are either not served or underserved by format finance. However, NBFIs (Non-Bank Financial Institutions) cite higher returns on equity at 3% above the average for the entire industry over the last four years. The past 30 years it has taught us that the poor pay their loans and are good reliable customers when provided with quality banking services and sustainable transaction fees for their customers.

However, NBFis face challenges in servicing this community. These are challenges include: Limited financial means, Cost of outreach, Diversity of business models, Lack of scalability, Administrative challenges, Inefficiency, and Increasing competition.

What is included in

Inclusive Banking?


Inclusive Banking is a version of Temenos' world-leading Core Banking platform with a pre-configured layer of community bank specific - functionality. Leveraging the experience gained from over 200 FIs that it supports today, Inclusive Banking gives FIs powerful capabilities for managing:


Inclusive Banking provides configurable micro/community bank-specific user-interfaces, for both end-customers and field-based staff via mobile and internet channels, supporting daily business activities such as remote cheque and deposit capture, and remote balance query.


Inclusive Banking provides powerful business analytics capabilities to perform predictive and prescriptive customer analysis, enabling FIs to be more responsive and customer-centric.

“The company exists to help elevate the social-impact quotient (SIQ) of any business or organization it works with through transformative technology. Our goal is to ensure fairness for the most underserved segments of society by giving them access to the same services and benefits available to the rest of society.”

Traxion CEO / Founder

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